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Convert old Logic® files

I’ll be out of office Aug 5—28, 2023. I will reply to email, but will have no access to the legacy hardware needed for file conversion.

If, like me, you’re a long time user of the Logic® music production software, you’re likely to have some old Logic files in your archives that cannot be opened with recent versions of Logic Pro X. To access them, you’d need an older version of the software (which in turn requires legacy hardware), a license dongle that is still operational after 25 years…

In case you’re interested in my legacy Logic setup, I’ve written up my gear here.

It happens that I do have exactly that, and I will gladly convert your files for you for a small fee. Just email your files with a short note to pianojoe@me.com, and send 2 euros per file (minimum is 10 euros) via PayPal to the email address mentioned above. Please do not call me on the phone, and do not whatsApp me.

Choose the file format you’d like to receive:

  1. Logic Pro X
    Your Logic Pro X must be >= v10.6.3.
  2. Logic Pro 7
    Can be imported into older versions of Logic Pro X.
  3. MIDI file
    Most compatible, but loses arrange information.
  4. Music XML
    Best for sheet music that goes to scoring software.

Small caveat: If your file was created on an Atari computer with a Logic version older than v2.5 (file extension: .LOG), I can open these, and export them as a MIDI file. But I cannot make them into Logic Pro X files. .SON and .LSO files, however, pose no problem.

.SON files need to be converted to .LSO first, so if you need .logicx from .SON, this will count as two conversions, sorry.

Note: Every other email I get starts with ”Do you still do this?“ Answer: Yes!
(as of )

Please send the project file only—do not include audio files. Zipping the files will save a lot of space! Some email gateways choke on large attachments. If you have a lot of files, consider using Dropbox (or the likes of it). If you have a humongous amout of files, discounts are available:

No. of filesPricePrice per item
5 files10.00 €2.00 €
50 files75.00 €1.50 €
250 files312.50 €1.25 €
500 files500.00 €1.00 €

You don’t have to send all files at once. I’ll keep a tab on your remaining conversion credits.

🇬🇧🇩🇪🇫🇷🇮🇹 You can email me in English, German, French, or Italian. (In French, or Italian, my reply may make creative use of your language’s grammar.)

Physical media service

  • Your files are on floppy disk, and you have no disk drive to access them?
  • Your PC’s floppy drive can’t read legacy Atari or Macintosh disk formats?

I can help! I can read almost any format (given the media hasn’t decayed), even Mac 400k, even Atari 11-sector DD. Just send me the physical media by snail mail! (Don’t forget to include the proper customs declaration if shipping from outside the EU). My fee will be 4 € per disk.

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Amazingly fast!
Sayan, London, United Kingdom, 14.12.23
Perfekt und Danke!
Dirk, Lüneburg, Germany, 2.2.23
Damned you are so fast 🙂 […] it opens perfectly […] Thanks Joe!
Jeff, France, 1.11.22
Danke für den tollen Service!
Sascha, Dreieich, Germany, 30.8.22
That’s incredible—I just transfered one of the files across to my old Mac and it works perfectly. Just genius.
Graham, Leeds, UK, 30.6.21
Wow, that was quick!
Adam, London, UK, 23.2.21
I'm very happy to have found you online, btw.
Tom, Seattle, USA, 16.1.21
Thank you Joe! Thank you Joe!
I said it twice because it's important. 😁 I met my old self!
伊藤​祥一郎, Japan, 21.11.20
Wow, that was fast, vielen Dank!
최재유, Seoul, South Corea, 19.10.20
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for converting these files for me. Many of these pieces I wrote over 30 years ago, and they are a touch­stone to my youth. I literally broke down crying when I played some of them last night. They represent a time when nothing was impossible and the world was my oyster.
A. B., 29.07.2020
Du bist der Beste!
Andreas, Hamburg, Germany, 29.4.2020
Wow!! You rock!! Thanks a lot!
Bradley, Barcelona, Spain, 19.2.2020
Magic. WHAT a swift worker!
Dave, Reading, United Kingdom, 25.1.2020
Conversion of 13 project files […] for a 20 years old project. It works perfectly. Thank you!
Latino Mastering Studio Inc. (NY), USA, 31.12.2019
Thank you very much for your service!
Kasper, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 28.10.2019
Vielen Dank — auch für die sofortige Zustellung!
Martin, Switzerland, 28.10.2019
Excellent service!
Rami, Jaffa, Israel, 29.9.2019
Was für ein geiler Service! Hätte ich das mal vorher gewusst!
Andreas, Hamburg, Germany, 15.8.2019
Very happy I found your site. I may have more for you to do in the future. Thanks so much for the quick turnaround.
Eric, San Diego (CA), USA, 6.8.2019
This is awesome! Thank you!
James, Charleston (SC), USA, 4.8.2019
Thank you so much, that was fast!
Juan, Guadalajara, Mexico, 10.7.2019
Merci pour la rapidité. Je teste ça au plus vite.
Olivier, Boulogne Billancourt, France, 9.7.2019
Thanks. worked perfectly… now off to remap all the old patches.
Ken, Hannon (ON), Canada, 20.2.2019