Convert old LogicTM files

If, like me, you’re a longtime user of the LogicTM music production software,…

…you’re likely to have some old (<v5.53) Logic files in your archives that you cannot open with recent versions of Logic Studio X. You’d need a Power PC Mac, an old Logic-7.0 software install with a license and a dongle…

It happens that I do have exactly that, and I will gladly convert your files for you for a nominal fee. Just email your files with a short note to , and send 2 euros per file (minimum is 10 euros) via PayPal to the same email address.

Choose the file format you’d like to receive:

  1. Logic 7. (Opens with Logic X Studio.)
  2. MIDI File.
  3. Music XML.

Caveat: Logic files from Atari computers, or <v2.5 (file extension .LOG) I can open and save as a MIDI file. These files cannot be converted to .LSO or .logic format.

Recent customer feedback

Please send the Project File only—do not include audio files. Zipping the files will save a lot of space! Some email gateways choke on large attachments.

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Please use this button to make your payment. Don’t forget to adjust the number of files (minimum is 5) you wish to convert during the checkout process.

2 Euros = $ (US)
10 Euros = $ (US)
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